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Jerounds Primary School

Primary Academy

Transition to KS2

Dear Year 2 parents,

Your child/ren will be entering Year 3 in September. Since the building of our lovely new corridor your children have already had opportunities to meet all school staff and children. Through assemblies they have already visited the KS2 building and therefore we are anticipating a very smooth, happy transition.

However there are some differences between the key stages. Our parent governors who experienced this transition have provided you with the following information:

  • School starts at 8:45 am – The gates are opened by the site manager at 8:35am and the playground is staffed from this time. This earlier time allows parents with younger siblings in Key Stage 1 to walk them around to their class. Children are supervised by staff and are not permitted to leave the playground once they have been dropped off. In the interests of independence and congestion we ask that parents do not enter the playground. However, parents are allowed to enter the playground at the beginning of the day if they need to speak to their child’s teacher. As in Key Stage 1 there is an open door policy.
  • School finishes at 15:45pm –  Children are brought in the playground by their class adults and are lined up in year group order. Parents are required to locate themselves in view of the class, normally opposite the line-up.
  • Snack during break – Key Stage 2 children are not supplied with a snack by the school, but they are welcome to bring their own. Please ensure that this is fruit or vegetables. Chocolate and sweets are not allowed.
  • Book bags – Children may continue to use their book bags, as in Key Stage 1, however, some children may choose to use a Jerounds back pack. Either is acceptable.
  • School uniform – This remains the same as in Key Stage 1 to ensure consistency. Please support us in ensuring that the children look smart. The uniform is: dark grey trousers or skirt, white logo'd polo t-shirt and a logo'd cardigan. Dark grey shorts are permitted in the warmer months, and girls may wear light blue gingham dresses. There is a no jewellery policy and long hair must be tie back.
  • PE kit – This consists of black shorts, white t-shirt and trainers. A black tracksuit is required for outdoor P.E during the colder months. 

We hope that this information answers any questions that you may have about your child’s transition. If you have any further questions please speak to your class teacher.