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Jerounds Primary School

Primary Academy

Music Council


Our music council consists of enthusiastic musicians who are keen to develop music in our school.  During the year, the council will meet to discuss our musical aspirations and to put plans into action.

Hello, my name is Alfie and I am the Music Captain at Jerounds Primary Academy. 

Being Music Captain means a lot to me as I have a passion for singing and playing instruments, particularly the ukulele. I understand the importance of music and am keen to help develop the subject in our school.

To join the music council I had to write a letter of application to Mrs Wiltshire, our music specialist, explaining why I wanted to be a part of the council.  We meet regularly to talk about how we can raise the profile of music and help the subject to flourish, such as taking music outside into the playground.  We also regularly clean the percussion instruments and keep our music area tidy.

Music is taught every week to every year group, by Mrs Wiltshire.  We are also given lots of opportunities to take part in performances, such as our Christmas concert and the Young Voices event at the O2.

Music is fun and important, and I am very pleased to be the Music Captain.