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Jerounds Primary School

Primary Academy

Meet the Staff

Staff List 2022-23

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Laura Ciftci

Head of School/DSL

Ms Penny Wallsworth

Deputy Head/DSL

Ms Frances Taylor

Assistant Head


Class Teachers EYFS

Ms Dilek Balci (MAT Leave) / Ms Abbie Culverhouse

EYFS - Wrens

Ms Suzanne Wiltshire

EYFS - Robins

Class Teachers KS1

Ms Keely Compton

Year 1 - Kingsfishers

Ms Olivia Miles

Year 1 - Sparrows

Ms Connie Clark

Year 2 - Starlings

Ms Mahum Ahmad

Year 2 - Wagtails


Class Teachers KS2

Ms Abigail Howland (MAT Leave) / Ms Alice Ailes

Year 3 - Puffins

Ms Phelisia Grindrod

Year 3 - Merlins

Ms Emma Plumb

Year 4 - Owls

Ms Veronica Tracey-Micheli

Year 4 - Nightingales

Ms Kayla Walley

Year 5 - Falcons

Mr Jamie Reeder

Year 5 - Ravens

Ms Esther West/Mr Robin Thompson-Clarke

Year 6 - Swans

Mr Gianluca Ripa

Year 6 - Eagles


Additional Responsibilities 
Ms Suzanne Wiltshire EYFS Lead
Ms Penny Wallsworth KS1 Phase Leader/DSL
Ms Emma Plumb Lower KS2 Phase Leader 
Ms Frances Taylor

Upper KS2 Phase Leader/Trust RSE Lead

Trust Disadvantaged Champion

Ms Esther West Curriculum Lead/Trust Science Lead
Ms Andrea Hanson School SENCo
Ms Emily Heinz School SENCo

Ms Suzanne Wiltshire Music Specialist
CK Sports Coaching  PE/Sports Coaches


Support Staff

Ms Gemma Godfrey

Office Manager

Ms Nicola Pollard

Office Administrator 

Ms Jackie Knudsen

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Rabia Baig

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Siobhan Dean

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Lianne Tomasso

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Jo Barnett

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Lesley McCarthy

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Leah Jones

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Heidi Curtis

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Simone Howes

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Marlene Deller

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Hollie Williams

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Angela Gardner

Midday Supervisor/Breakfast Club Supervisor

Ms Leanne Beecham

Midday Supervisor

Ms Karla Chapman 

Midday Assistant

Ms Jodie Godwin

Midday Assistant

Ms Suzzie Savory

Midday Assistant

Ms Liz Patten

Midday Assistant

Mr Ricky Layzell

Site Manager

Mr Shaydon Robson

Apprentice Site Manager

Mr Danny McCarthy

Apprentice Site Manager

Ms Candice Perry

Cleaning Supervisor

Ms Taslima Akhter


Ms Maryana Jayanthakumar



Central Shared Services

Mrs Jo Coton

CEO/Executive Headteacher

Gareth Jones

Trust Development Lead/Trust Mathematics Lead 

Ms Hannah Sandford 

Curriculum Director

Ms Andrea Hanson

Director Of Inclusion

Ms Nicola Eves

Assistant SENCo

Ms Rachel Divall

Specialist Teacher SLCN

Ms Helen East

Specialist Teacher Specific Learning Difficulties

Ms Ruth Crowland

SENCo and Specialist Teacher Social Communication and Autism

Ms Linda Wagstaff

Safeguarding Officer

Ms Anne Bonner

Speech and Language Therapist

Ms Kathy Collins 

Chief Operations Officer

Ms Anna Atkinson

Communications and Operations Manager

Ms Amanda Harrington

Operations Officer

Ms Sarah Plume

Finance Manager

Ms Amanda Shaw

HR and Payroll Manager

Ms Louise Hall

HR and Payroll Administrator

Mr Stuart Hall

Estates and Premises Manager

Ms Ashley Whitbread

Finance Officer

Ms Lynne Smith

Finance Assistant

Ms Sarah Dunleavy

Finance Assistant

Ms Dani Wehrli

Assistant Finance Manager

Ms Victoria Fisher

Family Liaison Officer