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Jerounds Primary School

Primary Academy

House Captains

Brunel House Captain:

All the House Captains at Jerounds have the same responsibilities, but for their separate houses. We take it in turns each week to collect the house points. We prepare speeches for assemblies and open days. It is really fun getting ready for assemblies with Mrs Ciftci as they are always different. I love it when everyone claps for the houses when the house points are announced.

Shakespeare House Captain:

Hi! I am the Shakespeare House Captain and here is what it is like to be a house captain:
  • you collect the house points every couple of weeks
  • you give house certificates to the members of your house that have achieved 50 dojos 
It is a great privilege to be house captain.
Here are some interesting facts about William Shakespeare:
  • he had 7 siblings
  • he was an actor as well as a writer and poet
  • Shakespeare made up a lot of the words we all use today!
  • he was born on 26th April 1564 and died on 23rd April 1616
Go Shakespeare, go!

Nightingale House Captain:

I am the Nightingale House Captain. It is my responsibility to collect house points and to read out house awards in whole school assemblies on Fridays. How did I get my role? It's simple: I applied and submitted an application. This letter of application included why I wanted to become a leader. The most important thing is to showcase our core school values such as: respect, responsibility, passion, integrity, collaboration and justice. You also need to have the confidence to try and the resilience to fail.

Darwin House Captain:

As Darwin House Captain at Jerounds, I have a lot of responsibilities like having to collect house points see which house wins. It's lovely seeing everyone clapping for the houses in assembly. We also give out certificates when you have 50 dojos - it's really fun! Each week, 2 house captains collect the house points. We take it in turns to collect them and add them up.

Pankhurst House Captain:

As Pankhurst House Captain at Jerounds, I really enjoy having my role and feel honoured to have it. House Captains have lots of jobs and responsibilities including collecting house points, presenting certificates during assembly, preparing speeches and more. It's fun getting ready for assembly with Mrs Ciftci as each week it is different. It is exciting hearing everyone cheering when their house wins the house points and clapping people when they get awards.