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The aim of NET Academies Trust is to promote and lead innovative practice in our schools and classrooms to help raise educational outcomes for all pupils.

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Jerounds Primary School

Primary Academy


NET Curriculum

At Jerounds we use the national curriculum as a minimum. The curriculum we have written from this is devised to prepare pupils to be ‘life ready’ as a ‘global citizen’ but what does this mean?

Academic Success

Our rich knowledge based curriculum means that pupils gain essential knowledge and have the opportunity to be experts in every subject.

Knowledge to be taught each term is shared with pupils and parents at the beginning of the term through a Factfile. This knowledge can be ‘quizzed’ multiple times in a low pressure, high expectation environment to maximise progress.

Expertise is developed through skills- pupils will understand what it means to be a geographer, historian, scientist, writer, mathematician etc... and work on this throughout their time at Jerounds.

See our curriculum here

See our curriculum long term plan here.

Physical Development

Our specialist PE and sports team provide in-house physical development lessons where pupils have access to a wide range of equipment including:

  • Archery
  • Indoor Traversing Climbing Wall
  • Boccia
  • Curling stones
  • Gymnastics Vaults

In addition to formal lessons with a specialist teacher we run ‘Get Up Get Going’, sporting excellence clubs, exposure opportunities and more. During social times pupils increase their physical development throughout organised games and free use of equipment.


The Pupil Athlete Pathway is designed to enhance the Physical Education based experiences of pupils at Jerounds, both within and external to the PE Curriculum. 

The Pupil Athlete Pathway is underpinned by the principles that sport should be accessible for all our pupils and that different pupils need to experience PE at different levels, or for different reasons whether this be for positive mental well being, a love of sport or the desire to compete and lead. 

Ranging from exposure to new sports and participating in extra-curricular clubs to playing for a school team or refereeing a tournament, as part of the Pupil Athlete Pathway our pupils are given the opportunity to experience new concepts, develop their knowledge and progress their understanding to levels of greater depth that they can take beyond their time at Jerounds. 

Positive Wellbeing

At Jerounds pupils find a sense of SELF through an innovative and bespoke SELF programme which encompasses pupils’ development of Social Skills, Exposure to the world, Life Skills, Fascination. Sessions may include:

  • 50 Things at Jerounds
  • First Aid
  • College and University Trips
  • Knitting
  • Political Debate
  • Charity Activities

Curriculum Plans

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Parent's Knowledge Organisers 

To assist you in supporting your child's learning we complete knowledge organisers for our parents. This term's can be found below: